Friday, April 10, 2009

Too Much Blue

April is Child Abuse Prevention Month. Every year, the Fourth Presbyterian Church brings this issue to everyone's attention by tying blue ribbons to the trees in front of the church. According to the sign in front of these trees, there were 29,940 confirmed cases of child abuse in Illinois in 2008. That's too many blue ribbons.


Lowell said...

Way too many. Great photos with an important message!

Hilda said...


Child Abuse Prevention Month is something I wish our government will declare. Many Filipinos are still very much uneducated. The idea that their children are 'property' to do as they will is still prevalent. Stories of what happen because of this belief make my heart break.

Sharon said...

I couldn't agree more. Too much blue ribbon. I remember this from when I was living there. That is a great shot of the Hancock building in the top photo.