Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Theme Day: Yellow

Today is Theme Day on City Daily Photo.
April's theme, voted on by the members, is Yellow.

This collage of yellow vehicles just kind of happened. It started with the yellow school bus on Lake Shore Drive. I took that picture "just in case" I couldn't find anything else yellow for the Theme Day.

Then I saw the yellow moving truck. A theme was developing.

Driving down Halsted, I found what I thought was the Holy Grail of yellow in Chicago: Yellow Cab #1. (Actually, according to a column by Eric Zorn, a local journalist, Cab #80 is the elusive one.)

The last one is a 'blond' in a yellow convertible, taken on one of the Spring Teaser days we had in early March.

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Jilly said...

You've found a real mix of yellow vehicles here. Good choices for today. Isn't yellow a happy colour!

b.c. said...

Hi Daily Chicago, happy theme day! I was so glad to see your comment on my blog--a belated welcome to Chicago's daily photo gang! Thanks for these great "yellow" shots, they really capture the theme.

Sharon said...

I love all the yellow vehicles and the places you found them.

Julie said...

Great yellow collage for theme day! I am glad you enjoyed the Chihuly Saffron Tower on my site for theme day. I have a daytime photo of the Saffron Tower up today. And yes, what a coincidence that I was captured the day before by Sharon at Phoenix daily Photo while I was taking photos. Thanks for your comments.

Small City Scenes said...

Wow, lots of yelloe out on the streets. MB