Monday, April 27, 2009

Northerly Island Birdhouses

Northerly Island, formerly Miegs Field, is quietly becoming quite the nature and recreation area. Nice bike/running/walking paths exist and it is starting to attract migratory and resident birds. Last Friday, a slightly clouded sunset really brightened up the birdhouses that are along the shore.

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Julie said...

so interesting and quite a contrast to your very interesting skyline in the clouds the day before. Thanks for your comments about the Frank Lloyd Wright Series. I was hoping it would be of interest to people. I have a few more days and then I will move on to different Chihuly, cactus and desert photos. I was in Morocco for the past two weeks so I wanted to make sure there was a series of something that would be informative and different for people to enjoy while I was away. Morocco was very interesting and, surprisingly, very French. A very different experience than Egypt or Jordan. It was a quite enjoyable trip. I will spend the next week catching up on everyone's websites and enjoying their photos. Thanks for your comments on my site. I have read them all.