Saturday, April 4, 2009

It's Always Fun Until ...

... some pillow gets its stuffing poked out!

Today was International Pillow Fight Day. Apparently the second one.
(Don't worry, I had not heard about it previously either.)

It's a type of flash mob. I had heard about it through an e-mail I get on things to do in Chicago. It sounded like a fun thing to see. It was held by The Art Institute on Michigan Avenue. Security guards made sure that no pillow fighting took place on the stairs of the Art Institute. (Another watcher explained that the sidewalk is public property but the stairs are Art Institute property so if someone gets hurt on the stairs, then the Art Institute would be liable.) Everything seemed to go peacefully.

Only a few pillows were harmed.

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Sharon said...

I just came from the St. Louis daily photo site and he has pictures from the same event in St. Louis. I had no idea it would go on elsewhere. I never heard of it before either. Great shots. Love the feahters flying.