Friday, April 24, 2009

Happy Arbor Day

A green tree sprung up in the middle of Michigan Avenue this week. Since it is a little too early for full leafing, the leaves are ribbons. The ribbon project is sponsored by the Morton Arboretum to celebrate Arbor Week. Fourth graders from schools all over Chicago contributed their thoughts on why trees are important. According to the press release, "The goal is to help create tomorrow's environmental leaders as kids learn to appreciate trees. Arbor Day, the nation's oldest environmental holiday, is dedicated to planting trees." Some of the thoughts from the kids include:
  • "A tree could give an insect a lunch, and we need insects."
  • "One tree makes a difference to me because it gives us oxygen and makes our community look a little better."
  • "When a tree grows for years and years, it holds special memories we can all share and it becomes a part of this world."
The tree, a Triumph elm, will be permanently planted in Grant Park.

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