Thursday, December 11, 2008

Paying Attention

I look at things now. Before starting this photo blog I would walk down streets in my own world -- seeing my surroundings but not really looking.

Now I look. A lot. There's much to see!

For example, this is a bas-relief that is on a building at North and Pulaski. I tried some online searches to see if I could find more information about this scene, but was unsuccessful. It has a "shipping industry" look to it. The people on the left look like they are unloading cargo via a rope ladder. The guy in front has an anchor on his chest.

There are many of these throughout Chicago and I know I've passed by several but never really looked all that closely at them. Now, I want to find out more about them.

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Bob Crowe said...

Just came across your blog for the first time - welcome to CDPB world! I particularly like the foggy Navy Pier - really good work.

I'm U "R" Us's father and author of the St. Louis DPB.