Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Look at That Sky

Yesterday the sky was such a beautiful shade of blue that I had to include it in a picture.

Plus, this gives me the opportunity to explain the symbols in the Chicago Flag:

The three white stripes represent the neighborhoods in the three parts of the city: North Side, West Side, South Side. The two blue stripes represent Lake Michigan and the two branches of the Chicago River. The four red stars are for Fort Dearborn, the Great Chicago Fire, the 1893 World's Fair, and the 1933 World's Fair.

And yes, I had to snap a bunch of pictures before I got the flag with just the right wave to it.


Unknown said...

I learned something new this morning. Very cool shot!

Sharon said...

Beautiful photo and the info was great. I learned something brand new.

Julie said...

Good heavens! What a complex flag. Thanks for all that info. It was great.

this too will pass said...

nice image