Thursday, December 25, 2008

Jigsaw Puzzle

Chicago had a short-lived heat wave yesterday. The temps got into the high 30s. (Now where did I put my flip-flops?) It was enjoyable if you were standing still but a bit hard to walk in slushy snow and melting ice.

I was out navigating the ice patches and noticed how the ice on the Chicago River looked like pieces of an incomplete jigsaw puzzle.

While I was taking the picture, another person walked by, said, "That is kinda interesting", pulled out a camera and took a picture, too.

Happy Holidays to everyone!


Sharon said...

Having once lived with a view of the Chicago River, I can appreciate this photo! Nice one. Have a happy holiday!

Julie said...

This extreme cold is just so foreign to my experience. However, the photograph is very good. Looking back over some of your other posts, you seem to like lines and shapes.