Saturday, August 1, 2009

Theme Day: Night

Today is Theme Day on City Daily Photo. The theme, chosen by vote of the CDP participants is "Night".

This theme day has been a bit of a NIGHTmare.

It's not like I didn't have any night pictures.
  • That one of the moon over the sailboats would have been good ... if I hadn't posted it back in the beginning of July.
  • Any of the ones from the movies in the park (Sunset Blvd. and Duck Soup) would have worked quite well ... if I hadn't posted them in the last two weeks.
  • The Bug Zapper one was at night and would have fit the theme ... if I hadn't posted it earlier this week.
Like this black-crowned NIGHT heron, I'm scratching my head and wondering what I was thinking posting those night scenes already. It's not like I haven't known the theme was Night since July 2. Duh!

So here is my Night photo.
That's not an anchor light on the top of the sail boat mast, it's the moon.

Click here to view thumbnails for all participants - all of whom saved their good Night Shots for the Theme Day!


Saretta said...

I like all of your "night" photos! :-)

Sharon said...

I love the moon of top of the mast and your commentary made me chuckle. Your whole post is very clever! I like it.

Hilda said...

LOL! I must say that this is a very creative 'night' post! Funny, and I love it!

Lois said...

That is a beautiful Theme Day picture! Love that moon on top of the mast!

Jane Hards Photography said...

Love the moon and mast but the first one the nightmare image clinched it for me. Great idea.

brattcat said...

Clever post, great parting shot! No more nightmares for you, only sweet dreams.

VP said...

Great photos past and present and the official one is a really creative work!