Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Two Views of ... The Crown Fountain

Today's "Two Views" is of the Crown Fountain in Millennium Park. The two views are in Summer (August, top photo) and Spring (April, bottom photo). What a difference four months makes.

In April, people enjoy the fountains and watching the faces that spit (OK - actually spray) water. But from the edge. In August, people get in there and enjoy the fountains from "inside" of the fountain. People, mainly kids, line up to have the water spray on them. They actually count down to the time that the fountain will spray again (but it isn't an exact science - sometimes they have to count once or twice).




Sharon said...

I love these fountains. I saw them on my last trip to Chicago and enjoyed watching them change faces and enjoyed watching all the children frolicking in the water. It's a very clever design.

VP said...

Two views of an unique attraction. I didn't know of this spectacular fountain, absolutely creative and funny.

Scrumpy said...

I love the fountain, it never fails to make me smile. Seeing it at night is my favorite.