Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Red Sunset Green Sunset?

I happened to be home just before sunset yesterday and saw this green light in the window. I looked and realized it was the sun. Now, I've heard about the phenomena of a Green Flash at sunset, but I really thought it was at sunset - not as the sun was setting. I had never seen the green sun before and can only guess that people at the other end of the hall usually have their blinds closed.

So here is the first sunset of Autumn, tinted naturally. Well, not naturally, exactly - it is after all through several tinted windows -but, at least without software intervention.

Here is the sunset without the window filters.


B SQUARED said...

Looks like a sunset from a sci-fi movie. I have a shot of a Woodpecker today that you might like.

Sharon said...

What an interesting effect. I have never seen anything like it. The bottom photo is very dramatic.

Lois said...

Cool shots!

VP said...

Like both photos, first one is really sci-fi!