Monday, May 11, 2009

Full of Fill

This is an evolving public art sculpture on Michigan Avenue. It is comprised of three free standing clear boxes. According to the explanatory sign, the boxes are designed to collect "fill" (objects that are usually thrown away). As more items are collected (it isn't clear how/where they are collecting the items), more clear boxes full of fill will be added to the sculpture. The sponsor (Denco/UrbanWorks), hopes that the sculpture will make people aware of how many single items are thrown away. Even though it's only one bottle, several "one bottles" take up quite a bit of space. And a whole bunch of those "one bottles" can be re-used/recycled into something else.

The first one is devoted to compact fluorescent lightbulbs; the second is small bottles; the third is wine bottles.


Sharon said...

What an interesting concept. I'd love to see this in person. I may have to plan a trip to Chicago soon.

Lynette said...

Intriguing idea. Your photos and explanation make it real for us. Thanks.