Friday, May 8, 2009

Feathered Friends: Yellow-Rumped Warbler

Bird-watching is a new hobby. I think a lot of people presume that since Chicago is such a big city that the only birds around are pigeons, sparrows, pigeons, crows, pigeons, starlings, pigeons, robins, pigeons, seagulls, mallard ducks, geese and - did I mention - pigeons. However, Chicago is on a pretty busy migratory path and has a number of interesting year-round birds. (And there are actually over 50 different types of sparrows.)

There are several places in Chicago that are set aside as preserves to foster birdlife. One of these places is called the Magic Hedge, near Montrose Harbor. That's where we saw this Yellow-Rumped Warbler.

I was going to post all the bird photos here but I started taking so many this would have become Daily Chicago Bird. So I started another blog just on Chicago birds.


Melody Ann Ross said...

What a beautiful capture! My boyfriend is an avid birdwatcher and I really enjoy going out into the field with him- I am looking forward to following this and your other blog!

Thank you for your nice compliment on my train picture! I use a very basic photo editor to give the colors extra saturation and give them that 'artsy' look. I hope you'll stop back by in the future- I've got hundreds of 'em!

Sharon said...

This is one I've never seen before. Thanks for sharing!

GreensboroDailyPhoto said...

Hey, a lovely birdie flew over from you birding blog! Loved learning about Chicago's being a migratory path!