Friday, October 15, 2010

The Intersection of OOH and AAH

A Truck at an Intersection + A Line of People = The Cupcake Truck

Now followers of this blog already know that Chicago has some kind of obsession with cupcakes (see this post or this post). So when I was walking down Wabash and saw a truck with a line of people by it, I had a feeling it might be the cupcake truck I'd been hearing about. Apparently, they post on Facebook and Twitter where they will be and wait for the people to arrive.

If you bake, frost and tweet it, they will come

Cupcake Options
Devil in Disguise, No Plain Jane, PB&C,
Mocha Me Smile, The Curious George, The McDreamy,
CinnaHoneyStreusel, Smore Me Over, Great Pumpkin Patch

Tempting Treats
I guess I should have tried one to see what the fuss is about but I was already in the middle of a large pumpkin spice latte and was a little concerned about sugar overload.


B SQUARED said...

I love the Free Enterprise system;cupcakes, too.

Lois said...

What a great idea! People are a little obsessed with cupcakes here in Tallahassee too, and I must admit that I am one of them.

Sharon said...

This is one of thoes obsessions I don't get. It's not that I don't like cake, but I've never felt the urge to stand in line for it.