Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cool School

Stumbled upon this school in the Lakeview neighborhood. The Nettlehorst School is named for Louis Nettlehorst, the Chicago School Board President from 1890 to 1892. This particular building was constructed in 1892 but it stands on the site of one of the first public schools in the Lakeview area.

According to the website, there is quite a bit of art on the inside of the building. The outside grounds are quite artistic as well. The "Nettle Horse", an art piece constructed this year, seems to be made from scrap picture frame corners.

The front doors are pretty enticing to walk through.

And how about this big topiary dinosaur for a hall monitor?


Lois said...

I really like that red horse! How creative.

Sharon said...

What an interesting place. I love all the art work especially those very inviting doors.

B SQUARED said...

What an interesting school.

MJ said...

Hopefully the school itself encourages creative self-expression. Love it.