Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Two Views of ... Lake Shore East

If you haven't visited Chicago in a few years, then the Loop lakefront area is going to surprise you. There's been a building boom as these two photos below show. The left picture is now. The right picture is "then" (around 1998).

Yes, there was a golf course right in the Loop. It was constructed back in the 1990s as a way to use the land when a downtown office building glut postponed a big development. When the real estate market picked up again in the early 2000s, the golf course was closed and construction on the new Lakeshore East development began.


VP said...

I usually compare old postard with my photo of the same place, but this a traumatic shange in barely ten years! Very good catch.

Sharon said...

This time I recognize quite a few buildings including the very top of the builing I lived in when I was working there. I see that there are a lot more buildings that are new out toward the lake.

Frank said...

Wow, what a change and transformation. All I remember is the cool submarine and walking through a ginat heart. That is still my memory of Chicago from the little kid's perspective. (Yes, it HAS been a while since my last visit.)

Daily Chicago Photo said...

Vogon Poet: Thanks for the idea! I think I have some antique Chicago postcards that I could contrast in future "Two Views" Tuesdays.

Sharon: Your comment on the playground last week made me go looking for the old photos. I'd forgotten that we used to be able to see the Columbus Street Bridge.

Frank: Well, last I heard the submarine and the heart are still at the Museum of Science and Industry. Did you go to the coal mine exhibit, too?

Thanks, everyone, for the comments and the ideas!