Tuesday, February 3, 2009


This grouping of trees reminded me of a painting by an artist who's name I can't recall. She did a painting of birch trees and "hid" an appaloosa horse in the spots of the birch trees. I thought of that painting when I saw these.

After I downloaded the picture and was setting it up for publishing, I noticed that there was a bit of wildlife that is camouflaged within the trees. A pigeon, at the bottom right, snuck into my picture.

Note: Thank you to Sharon of Phoenix Daily Photo who knew I was referring to the artist Bev Doolittle!


Sharon said...

I bet you mean Bev Doolittle. It does look like the trees in her paintings.

Daily Chicago Photo said...

Yes! Bev Doolittle! Thank you so much! I tried "Google"-ing "appaloosa" + "birch tree" + artist and also looked at some Galena Art Gallery websites because I remembered seeing her work there but just could not find her name.


Miranda McAfee said...

Very nice photo.