Friday, January 28, 2011

Feathered Friends: Watching the Watcher

This Cooper's Hawk, at the Magic Hedge, caught us bird-watching last Sunday. He must have been out people-watching.

Another photo of this hawk is at my Chicago birdwatching blog, which is here.


Stefan Jansson said...

Very nice close-up of the bird.

Leif Hagen said...

That's a fantastic photo of that bird! My wife is an owl fan and has a small decorative owl collection!
Regards from EAGAN daily photo

Lois said...

Fabulous picture of his face!

Sharon said...

This photo and the other one on your other site are fantastic. The expression in those big round eyes is just beautiful.

Did you happen to hear the story about the Cooper's Hawk that somehow got into the Library of Congress? It took several days of steady work but they finally got him out unharmed this last week.

Daily Chicago Photo said...

Thanks for all the comments everyone! Yes, Sharon, I had seen that story about the Cooper's Hawk in the Library of Congress -- didn't know that they had finally lured it out, though. Thanks!