Friday, February 17, 2012

Day and Night


Joanna said...

I'm glad you're back; I missed your views of Chicago.

I love these buildings, but don't know their names, if they have names. It's a pretty view.

Joanna said...

Wait! Is that Trump Tower? I didn't know it was that close to the building with the lighted top.

Daily Chicago Photo said...

I'm sorry! I got lazy and didn't identify the buildings.

This is a different building with a lighted top. ;)

This one is Mather Tower at 75 E Wacker. I think you were thinking of the 311 South Wacker building (the one that seems to look like a salt shaker). And, yes, the other one is the Trump Tower.

Sach1 said...

Happy to see you after so long and what a comeback :)