Friday, August 12, 2011

Food Trucks Rule

A culinary revolution has hit Chicago: Food Trucks.

I have to admit, I wasn't all that excited about them when I first heard about them. Really, who wants to go running around chasing a truck for food. It's one thing when you are a kid and it's an Ice Cream Truck; it's another thing when you're not a kid anymore.

But now the trucks are congregating at various places to offer people a buffet, so to say, of fun food. They were using terms like Food Truck Summit, Food Truck Flash Mob, and Food Truck Mash Up originally. But now they are using more creative names like Waggin Wednesday (where some of the profits go to canine related causes) and Truckin' Thursday.


Stefan Jansson said...

So are you saying that they move around like an ice cream truck?

Daily Chicago Photo said...

During the day, they'll use twitter to announce their location. Some move around a lot more than others but most will hit three or four locations during the day. For the after work/dinner crowds, a bunch (usually 7 - 10 different trucks) will congregate somewhere (usually a parking lot at or near a bar that welcomes them) from 6pm to 9pm. The evening ones usually have 4 or 5 meal type trucks (meatball sandwiches, naanwiches, empanadas, tacos, tamales); 2 or 3 dessert trucks (cupcakes, icecream sandwiches, cookies) and 1 dog treat truck (I think they call themselves Fido-a-Go-Go). The big push in Chicago now is to modify the food laws to allow them to cook on the truck (currently they can only cook in licensed kitchens and a truck isn't eligible for such a license. So they cook in a licensed kitchen, load up the trucks, and send them out. The food is maintained at the proper temperatures in the trucks and the trucks load up a few times a day.

Lois said...

There is a place here that does something called "Food Truck Thursday" and they usually have a band providing live music. It seems to be a hit so far!