Sunday, July 24, 2011

Outta My Photo

While a passenger in a car driving down Lake Shore Drive, I was attempting to get some photos of the boats anchored at the Ohio Street Beach. This guy popped into my frame. If he, too, clicked his shutter, then he got a photo of me taking a photo. I'll have to check the other City Daily Photo blogs from Chicago to see if he is "one of us" ;)


Joanna said...

That's interesting. I wonder what he was looking at in the other direction? I can't tell where on Lake Shore Drive you are here. North, South, or near downtown.

Daily Chicago Photo said...

This was going north on Lake Shore Drive, right after you curve around the Grand Ohio beach. He could have been taking a photo of the John Hancock Building or the skyline in general.

Joanna said...

Thanks, then I would guess the skyline in general. It's so beautiful. Whenever I go to Millennium Park (twice a week now for concerts) I photograph at least some part of downtown.

Love your blog.