Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Art of Burton Place

There's a little side street in the Old Town area of Lincoln Park called Burton Place. I don't know anyone who lives on this street, but I always imagine that they are all artists. The buildings on the street - and the street may only run for the block between LaSalle and Wells - have many little details such as mosaics, colorful glass insets and fancy tiles like those shown below. There are also three or four pretty large outdoor sculptures on display in this little section.


Unknown said...

burton place also runs from clark street east to lake shore drive
there are some amazing artist's homes on lasalle in that general area too- cool brickwork and stained glass,etc,& great private gardens-usually with an annual summer garden walk

Daily Chicago Photo said...

Yes That's right Burton does continue -- I always end up at LaSalle to catch the #156 ;)

I never seem to be in town for the Dearborn Garden Walk -- that's the one you are talking about, right? I'll have to plan a little better one of these years -- maybe this summer.

THANKS for visiting and the great additional information