Sunday, September 19, 2010

The Old Name

I have problems with new names. I still call it Comiskey Park. I still say Sears Tower. I use Amoco Building and Standard Oil Building interchangeably. I know there's a new name for Waveland Golf Course, but nobody else uses it anyway. And, I'm one of "those people" who haven't been to that store on State and Randolph since that New York company took it over and changed its name.

This bank - I'm not 100% sure what its current name is - has had many name changes. So many names that so quickly changed that I once tried to cash a check (it was a while ago) at one of their branches and the teller said "Oh, I can't cash this its from 1st National Bank of Chicago". I said "I don't understand." He responded "Well, this is from another bank." Luckily a veteran employee was walking by and said "Oh no, that's OK - that was our name a few years back."

Anyway, they still have the clock with the original logo (for the 1st National Bank of Chicago) out in the plaza.

Oh, the plaza has a different name, too. For some reason, the plaza is named after the new-ish corporate name for the local electric utility (which, of course I still call "ComEd").

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Sharon said...

I believe I know where you are in this one. When I worked in Chicago for 2 years back in the late 90's, it was for First Chicago Bank. I worked in a building across the street from this one, but went over here all the time for lunch. They have a fantastic cafeteria. While I was working there, it sold to Chase Bank and I stayed on for another few months for the project that was running at the time. I loved me stay in Chicago. What a great city.