Thursday, July 8, 2010

Got My Eye on You

I'm Watching You?
What a BIG Eye you have?
The eyes have it?

Oh. So many choices.

This is one of Chicago's newest public art piece. It is a thirty foot tall eyeball designed by Tony Tasset and sponsored by the Chicago Loop Alliance.

I wonder if he realizes he's being watched ?

Your eyes would be a little bloodshot too if you had to keep staring
off into space while everyone flashed cameras at you.


B SQUARED said...

His eye is on the ball.

Lois said...

The detail is amazing!

Wayne said...

I'll take the cloud thingy (the chrome lima bean) thanks.

Disembodied eyeballs just don't do it for me. Where's the other eye?

MJ said...

It sort of reminds me of those giant candy jawbreakers they have at Halloween.