Monday, March 29, 2010

The Trash-erator

I've seen this vessel in the harbors around Chicago. Until now, though, I've only seen it in the water as it draws up surface debris (leaves, paper, cups, etc.) from the water during the Spring, Summer, and Fall boating season. It's like a vacuum cleaner for the marinas.

It's not quite boating season yet but the harbors are getting ready: the "No Wake" buoys were placed in the "playpen" (Ohio Beach), the mooring buoys were set in Monroe Harbor, and they did a little bridge lift testing late last week.

And now the Trash-erator is getting ready to be launched.

Here's the full view.


Kelly K said...

I like this interesting photo . . . and glad they clean those harbors!

Lois said...

What an interesting looking machine!