Monday, June 7, 2010

Obligatory Blackhawks Reference

OK. Confession time. I'm not a hockey fan. I'm more a fan of summertime sports and those sports that typically don't involve major dental reconstruction work. This time of year, the only ice I'm interested in is that which is in my umbrella drink. But that's me. The rest of Chicago, however, is in the midst of a severe case of Stanley Cup Fever. Apparently it has been 49 years since Chicago won a Stanley Cup and the long-suffering Hawks fans ...

Wait a minute!
49 years is "long-suffering"?!?
I'm a Cubs fan.
One hundred and one years is long-suffering.
You're just scratching the surface of long-suffering
at 49 years!

Oh. Sorry. Back to the subject.

... the "long suffering" Hawks fans are lighting up the buildings in hopes of bringing the cup to Chicago.


Lois said...

I know nothing about hockey, but those buildings do look pretty cool like that!

Scrumpy said...

I love the pride in this city.

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